I am posting here a little story I just finished for a contest. You can read it below and of course here to read the other entries in the contest. I hope you all enjoy what you read.

A Virtual Nap
©2011 D.G. (AKA Dae/Kierloth/Kieran/Daniel)

With a terrible cry the greater green wyvern crumpled to the ground, its wings flapping feebly for a few moments. It tried to raise it’s head, struggling weakly against fate but time had already wound down.

A chime sounded, the beast lay still and above its body appeared a golden message granting 1,500 experience points to the young warrior standing nearby.

He reached down to the body of the wyvern and collected its scales and some random loot that he hoped he wouldn’t need to use if he was lucky.

“Menu, Log-out.”

Silence greeted his command as he gazed across the mountains surrounding him. This part of the world was very quiet. It seemed that nothing moved, but he knew that if he traveled in any direction creatures would start to appear.

“Menu, Log-out,” he called again, but only the wind howled in response.

“Come on work you piece of crap game. Log out already.

“Call, GM.”

“Call, GM”

“Call, GM”

He didn’t really think that anyone would respond, but he had to keep trying. Eventually they would fix whatever was wrong and he would be able to quit playing. Then he would rush home.

Home. For some reason he found it hard to remember, which was strange since he only started playing a few hours ago. But he knew Katie would be there.

She would be very angry with him. Of that he was certain. She never liked it when he played for hours at home and even if this was work she would probably spend 30 minutes yelling at him and saying how these games were a waste of his life.

He certainly didn’t think the games were a waste of his time. There were a lot worse hobbies he could have and he still made sure to make time for her and the children. But why did it seem like he couldn’t really remember what they looked like?

Ridiculous. Of course he knew what his family looked like and he would see them soon enough once they fixed the game. Until then he would just have to continue playing and seeing what else was wrong for his report.

Until then he would need to continue to play and return the wyvern’s scales to the village. Perhaps even get a mug of ale to help pass the time.

After what seemed to be several hours of travel, although he was sure it was only a few minutes in the real world he finally arrived back in the village and settled down in the tavern. The place never seemed to change and likely the developers still had some adjustments to make here but for now it was his home and would remain so until they fixed the bugs.

John, the name he had given to the bartender NPC, came over and placed an ale on the counter a smile playing on his lips.
“Well lad? Did you do it? Is the beastie dead?”

“Yes, John. It’s dead and here are the scales to prove it as you requested.”

“Good lad. It’s just what we will be needing. That old wizard said we could protect the village for another hundred years with these.”

“Sure, John, whatever you say.” he took a long pull on the ale before him no longer really caring if he played the game in character or not.” What’s next on the quest list that you needed John?”
Staring down into the ale it took a few moments before he realized that John hadn’t responded. Taking another drink he glanced up and growled around his ale. John had frozen in place, his mouth hanging open as he was about to deliver the next segment of the quest.

“Great, another bug. Well what do I do now?”

“I think calling it a day and going home might be best, Mr. Baker. Don’t you?”

“Go home? That isn’t possible, the developers still haven’t fixed the system and I can’t log out….”

Turning quickly he looked towards the back of the room to a young man dressed in simple clerics robes.

“Did you just say…”

“Yes, Mr. Baker, I did. Its time to go home. We have finally determined the best way to bring you out and are prepared to begin the process.”

“Then what are you waiting for? Get me out of here already.”

“As you wish. Please close your eyes as that should help to reduce the sense of discontinuity as we remove you from the game.”

Baker did as instructed and waited eager to finally be able to return home and see Katie and the kids again.

“Alright, Mr. Baker you can open your eyes. Your back in your own body, though you may feel a bit weak. You have been in that chair for quite some time after all.”

“Weak? I haven’t been here very long so I’m not weak. I Just want to get home,” he mumbled wondering why he did sound so tired.

“Not very long? Mr. Baker I don’t think you realize the current situation. When you entered the game to test it an error occurred that prevented us from reaching you or you to log out. It has taken us nearly 20 years to find a way to bring you out of the system without severely damaging your brain. I’m afraid that this world is not the one you left behind. You were declared legally dead quite some time ago I’m afraid and your life is essentially gone. Your wife has remarried, and your son died recently in the war. But you have nothing to worry about ICS will take care of you. We have an extensive benefits package that will see you living comfortably for the remainder of your days.

“Mr. Baker?…Oh dear. Molly, could you please come in here. Your father has passed out and I am not sure how much he heard. He will likely need your support when he awakens.