Good morning everyone, it’s a lovely snowy day here in Chicago and while I got up late I am here to bring you a new feature for this blog called the Daily Ramble.

Since I started this little corner of the net I have wanted to fill it primarily with things that interested me and to focus almost exclusively on my writings. But, since it is rather boring for me to talk about how much I have written on any given day, giving you percentages, number of words or pages, etc. I have seldom posted anything that resembled straight statistics. Instead I would wait until I finished one of my works and perhaps give a snippet.

Unfortunately, this means that my blog remains somewhat silent most days and i realize that this becomes a turn off as most people would want to see some action on any given day.

So I am introducing this new method for me to have something out here every day. The Ramble will be primarily just that as I contemplate something in my life each day. Some days I will talk about my writing, others may involve my studies. Then there will be days where I may talk about nothing at all or just something a bit strange (for instance yesterday I may have talked about how steak sauce is not meant for steak but is best on eggs. Of course I will also touch upon some of my hobbies.

Essentially dear friends this will be a daily look into my life without being an actual journal entry.

I will try my best to make it interesting as we go forward. I should also mention that I will not be making this a political rant on purpose at any point although I may touch upon some things slightly if they truly catch my eye. Particularly since there are already an abundance of political blogs out there.

I think that should do it for this first entry to the Ramblings. And as I watch the snow fall outside, it looks like it’s already another 2 inches on top of the 20 inches we had in the blizzard on Wednesday, I wish you all a cheery and warm day.

Be well