A few weeks back Emlyn Chand posted a new contest on her blog at The Ambitious Ambigue. This contest was to write a romance story between two kindergarten children in dialogue format.

Unfortunately I did not finish on time, and I did not follow all the rules. But I have now finished and I think that I like the feel of this tale. So, for your reading pleasure here is my take on a little romance. Enjoy.

~ Daniel


“Alright, Katy, now you just need to fill the pot with water and set it over the stove to heat slowly.

“That’s it and carefully set the bowl of chocolate over the pot.

“Good, good. Adjust the flames a little. We don’t want to burn the chocolate as we go.

“Very nice. Now just keep stirring it until its nice and smooth as I showed you earlier.

“Careful. Don’t get too close to the stove. We don’t want you to get burned as well.”

“Yes, Daddy”

“I know you know what you’re doing little one. But I worry about you getting hurt at times.”

“Ill be careful”

“Ok, just keep stirring and turn the cream to very low heat once the chocolate is about half melted. I’ll keep watching while I’m on the phone.”



“Oh, hey Tom. What’s up?

“Nothing much here either. Katy is making a cake and I’m supervising.

“What? Chris too? I probably shouldn’t be surprised. Our kids do tend to spend a lot of time together. Do you know who he is making it for?

“Really… That’s too bad. Katy’s is for him.

“No, she can’t hear me right now, but I can still see what she is doing. I’ve got her melting the chocolate now and I’ll have her add the cream soon.

“Well she knows Chris likes the cakes I make so she wanted to make a special one for him. I’m letting her do the decorations however she wants but the base will be exactly as I usually make it.

Is April making something too?

Wow, Katy’s favorite…wait, is she making them for Katy?

“I don’t know if I really like this. The kids are way too young to be thinking about love.

“I know. Their starting out much earlier than we did. I want to blame their teacher since Katy says she has made a big deal out of valentines day in the last few weeks. But I know it’s not her fault.

“True I don’t know how any of them will react to the one their giving something to giving something to their other friend.

“Their young enough that I don’t think it will be a problem. They should be able to handle it and Katy already said that she is coming over to the bakery to help out after school.

“Right, so we will be able to watch them all and see if they need us. We will just have to be there in case of heartbreak.
“Anyway. I need to get going Tom. I can smell that the chocolate is just about ready and I’m still going to help Katy as much as I can till she doesn’t need her daddy anymore.

“Ya, I’ll be at the store around 3 so we should have plenty of time to get the last of the pastries made for all the orders we have. Mary wont be there till 9 but she’ll be closing up the shop as well.
“Yup, good luck with Chris. Bye.

“How does the chocolate look, little one?”
“It just finished melting dad.”

“Good, then we just need to add the cream next. Did you warm it like I told you?”


“Well done. This should be a wonderful cake your making for him.”

:”I know. He’s going to love it”

“Yes, dear. I’m sure he will.”