Although it has been a while since I last wrote to you I have not been idle. I have been plowing through my work and I am continuing to attempt to get a handle of my writing. Sadly my efforts have not produced the results I want in the later field although the former appears to be reaching a very good position.

Due to this I believe that my efforts in writing will start to show some positive results and I will begin to see progress in reaching my goals.

But in continuing to work on my tales I realize that I have neglected some aspects of the craft. Some of these are things that I cannot do anything about at this time and will need to hold off on those until I am truly ready to push my work out into the world. But right now I see that I have neglected a few of the basics or at the most let them slide a little too long.

One area that I have not considered of late is the world in which my tales take place. I have long known what this world is like but I have not written it down anywhere recently and the vast majority of my old notes are lost to moves and the ravages of time. And some pieces are lost in the clutter of a far too messy office.

This came to light in the last few days as I was thinking about the path my hero needs to take. As I pondered this I started to hit upon several questions that pushed me in different directions and led me to places I really had not considered. I then talked the matter over with a few people and realized that I had not even considered some aspects of history, character traits, and cultural aspects that would define what is truly happening throughout the story.

In other words, while I had built some structure for my story long ago, I and the world itself have changed so much that that structure is no longer sufficient. I need to go back to the beginning and start again to rebuild the world and give it enough flesh to truly support the story.

To that end I will be spending the next little while world building and seeking the bones that will truly support the tale I want to tell.

With that though I am seeking out ways to organize the data that I am building. Currently I am using Liquid Story Binder by Black Obelisk which I will review at a later date. But in the interim I wonder what software other writers use or what they have discovered while looking over the methods that are available.

I will return soon my friends. Until then be well