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Tomorrow is the first of November and for many of us that means NaNoWriMo or National November Writing Month. If you don’t know this is a month where writers around the world set off in pursuit of writing a novel within a specific timeline. The goal is 50,000 words in 30 days.

Many people have attempted this project and every year many succeed but greater still are the number of people that fall to the wayside for one reason or another. Over the last 5 years I have attempted it four times and mostly due to work and other constraints in my life have not been successful.

The goal of NaNo is to write a story and many people do try to make a worthwhile story that can be turned into a novel that, hopefully, is good enough to submit for publishing. However, NaNo does have a dark side as the editing side of the industry look with dread on December and all the horrid submissions they receive from NaNo writers.

I’ll be honest here and say that I plan to become one of those people which submit my story for submission. However, I do not expect that it will be ready in December. My goals right now is to first write the story (and I do not expect to limit myself to the 50K words but to 100K or more depending on where the story takes me). After it is done I expect that I will be doing a lot of editing and will be spending a lot of December getting the story to look and feel right. Once that is done I plan to hand it over to a retired editor that has shown some interest in my work. If he likes what he sees then perhaps he can help me to get it in front of the right people or at the least work on several corrections to the story.

Regardless, right now my main goal is to write the story. Therefore, each day I am going to return here and post something of my progress. NaNo officially starts for me in 3 hours and 15 minutes as I type this, but I won’t truly get a start until near 8 tomorrow morning. The standard NaNo goal is 1,666 words per day but I am planning to attempt somewhere between 2500-5000 each day.

This probably sounds like a lot to many of you and it is. I do not fully know if I will be able to accomplish my goal but I am certain that I will put all my effort into making this goal a reality. I can do this I am certain of that and over the next month I will do my utmost to see where the next story takes me.

Until tomorrow my friends, be well.



Still Alive?

Am I still alive, still kicking around the world? Yes I am. I’ve moved though since the last post and life has been far more hectic than I ever thought it would be.

I actually am unemployed these days and that has proven both a blessing and a horror as I’m home all the time but I have learned a lot both about myself and the way I write. I do not have anything to share with you all just yet but some stories will be coming soon along with some other changes to my site.

I will be joining in NaNoWriMo this year as well so be looking for some updates during the month of November as I progress through my next project.

See you soon my friends and be well.