The first day of NaNoWriMo is done for me and I will rest the rest of the day by spending time with my family. Did I achieve my goals today? Yes and no.

In some ways I did achieve my goals in that I wrote. That is enough of a goal for me and I am happy that I got anything done. Also, I managed to sit here at this desk and get something completed and prepared myself for a good story that I think will turn out quite well in the end.

The flip side of that it that it will need a horrendous amount of editing and rewriting and I absolutely hate this opening. But that is the nature of NaNo and I know that everything I do now will need to be changed completely until its ready for publishing. But that is for the end of the month or at least once I have finished the first draft for this story and perhaps the other one that I would like to try and write this month.

Now my word count is the goals that I did not make today. I am ending today with 1,366 words. This is far short of my 5K personal goal for the day and 301 short of the recommended 1,667 average per day that is needed to complete a NaNo story by the end of the month.

So on the one hand I am close but on the other I have a long way to go. Either way I feel like today was a good start and something to keep pressing forward with as this entire project continues.

Now, I will go and spend some time with my family as family is one thing that should not be forgotten.

Till tomorrow my friends.