I’m writing a little early today as I believe I shall go ahead and call it a night and end my work for the day.

So far I can safely say that I have made some decent progress in that I reached 4,514 words today. This was a definite improvement from yesterday as I moved past the minimal daily number of words to write and the cumulative minimal words. So right now I can feel somewhat confident of reaching the standard goal of a completed NaNo novel by the end of the month.

However, I am about 5500 words shy of my personal stated cumulative goal of hitting 10K today. Can this be fixed? I don’t know but that doesn’t mean I am not going to try. One way or another I am going to keep pressing forward and we will see where I end up tomorrow and Sunday.

Sadly though I am not sure how the weekend will play out. Normally that is a time for errands and taking care of family. Yet I still need to write. So I need to schedule some additional time alone in the office and get more words cranked out. At a minimal I need to reach 10K by the end of the day Sunday which will put me at 50% of my stated personal goal, but well over the minimal NaNo goal.

First though its time for a relaxing pot of tea at a lovely tea shop that we found recently and perhaps a little dessert.

Goodnight friends and be well