The end of day three has arrived and it has proven to be a very good day indeed but not without its share of problems.

The major problem I faced today in writing is one that has plagued me throughout my writing career since I was a child and is one that plagues a large segment of writers world wide. This is a problem of writing something that is less than perfect. Sounds absolutely horrible doesn’t it?

But sadly it is really a huge problem for me and many like me. For years I have written something only to look at it and declare that A, B and C are wrong. So I have to go back and fix those things. But because I fixed them now D, E, F and G are all wrong. Well then we need to fix it again. But still I find something else that is wrong or no longer works and so that must be fixed too.

This is a pattern of writing that I know so well that I can feel the buildup of dread for the moment when something is done and I know it has to be fixed. Or that moment right after I type a new paragraph where it must be changed immediately.

Today’s writing was no different and I wanted to scream with the inadequacies of my work. There are things that I don’t know about the location my characters are in that need to be defined (which would mean a good bit of research), pieces that I feel are simply wrong and need to be reworded, and entire paragraphs that I should simply throw into the trash bin.

But that is exactly the point of NaNoWriMo. NaNo is an exercise undertaken to battle these very issues in one’s writings. I may want to correct every little flaw in my work but I can’t. To do so simply puts me back in the same track I have followed countless times before and it has only one destination. It places me right back at the beginning of the project no closer to completing it than the moment I first began.

Well, no more I scream and, while doing so is pure agony, I have left every little error and bad paragraph exactly where I have written it. At the end of the process when the first draft of this novel is completed and my novel is somewhere between 100 and 125K words, then, and only then, will I start the editing process. I don’t know what will happen to my novel at that point. But once the first draft is done then I know that anything I write then will be an improvement correcting the flaws and making the masterpiece that dwells in my mind a reality.

As far as numbers go today was a very good day for me. Previously I stated that my personal goal was 5k words per day and today I wrote 5,536 words. That was very good considering it seemed like I would not get a chance to start writing at all until later in the afternoon. Today was very good progress towards my ultimate goals. Based on NaNo standards I am ahead of where I need to be with a total of 10,050 which is more than 5,000 beyond the standard.

I am making great progress and feel confident at this point that I can keep this up and will achieve my goals to finish this novel.

Be well my friends and I will speak with you tomorrow