Today was the fourth day of NaNoWriMo and to me it was the hardest day yet of this project.

By the numbers today was only the second worst day with only 1,966 words written in total before I finally decided to call it quits a few moments ago. This leaves me with a total of 12,016 words. By NaNo standards for the 50K novel this still places me nearly two times ahead of the minimal word count. But, considering that I am attempting to write a High Fantasy genre novel which is typically 100-125K total words I am behind schedule by approximately 1300 total words.

Obviously this is not an insurmountable amount and if i can get on a good pace I could have this done within another hour. But I am still a long ways from completing this novel.

The real problems I faced today came in the form of several passages that I had to work through. My main character (MC) came across a few situations where the actions he performed felt pushed, rushed, and unrealistic. The entire scene basically came across as so bad that if I was reading this novel I would have stopped and never read another word. Normally I would go back and change everything before I could let myself move on. But that is not what NaNo is about, so after several hours of clearing my head by cooking and cleaning I finally was able to return to the story and just get the writing done.

The down side is that this meant I spent valuable writing time trying to think on how to fix the issue instead of just moving past it. That is the lesson that NaNo is trying to teach me. The question is “How long will it take for me to learn?”