Today was the worst day so far for my writing and not because I was having any problems with the scenes, plots or characters. No my problems today involved the rest of my life and various factors that required my attention throughout most of the day. Just to give some perspective these factors were the type that cause anger and massive headaches.

But, although the day is mostly a loss for my writing (I do not think I will get anything done by the end of the day though that is not certain), I have come away from today with a good lesson. Plan ahead for the inevitable.

In all of our lives we will have those times when something else must take our concentration and all our attention. Maybe it’s an important paper for school, a project at your day job that has to be done, family issues, or some emergency within the home. Regardless of what the item or event is, it will occur and will take your time and energy away from writing.

Due to this always think ahead and work into your writing a buffer. I know a lot of the web-comics that I follow have buffers that include two weeks or more of comics in case something may happen while others have piles of extra materials (fan submissions or guest comics) ready for these times. As writers we can do the same. Maybe we have a short story that can be published when we are out for a while, or an article that we have sitting around that can be used as filler.

But for us NaNo participants this means working to get a few more words done on any given day  so that when a day in November becomes difficult you have the time to repair the little damage or better yet there is no damage.

In my case there is very little damage. Including today’s 0 word count I am still averaging 2,682 words per day. This is above the NaNo standard though less than my double standard. However, it is not much less (approximately 700 under per day) and is an easily correctable status.

So I will call today a bust and realize that life sometimes takes a turn for the worse and will prevent us from writing for a time. But Tomorrow comes and I will write again.