On the sixth I reported that I had a lot of trouble with my daily life and issues that needed to be addressed before I could do any writing. At the end of the day I had written nothing relating to my NaNo novel. Yesterday, Day 7, was basically the same. From the start of the day I had to spend a lot of time doing various things that took up most of the day.

I did manage to write a little bit but overall it was negligible in total and I ended the day in a headache. The moral of Days 6 and 7 is that you really do need to prepare a good sized buffer for yourself. As of the end of Day 7 I had spent two days of essentially no writing and in most cases this means that I would have to rush through the rest of the month to catch up which is always problematic. But with the additional writing I did over the first five days I was still in a comfortable position.

At the end of the day yesterday I was at 16,119 words. This is still a wide enough buffer that if I did no writing on Days 8 and 9 I would still be okay. Not great, but okay. It isn’t until day 10 that I would fall behind. However, I am still behind both the double standard and the my goals at the beginning by 7,200 and 14K respectively. One could say that this means I am failing but instead I think this means that I am learning and still have plenty of room to improve.

Today though I was able to make some progress despite additional personal items that came up and ate part of my day. Today I totaled 3,455 words which brings us 19,574 total words in 8 days. To me this feels absolutely amazing as I dont think I have written this many consecutive words in one story in such a short time in many years is not since high school. Currently I am averaging 2,447 words per day which is a good improvement over the 1,667 standard.

With this I am now 7,098 below the double standard 20,426 on my stated goal. These first is something I am certain I can reduce and eliminate as time passes though I am less certain on the later. I still believe that I will make my goals though and I can do nothing more than keep at them.

However, these days have shown me that bad days will come and I need to work hard to keep them from destroying my progress. With that in mind I will work as hard as I can tomorrow and over the weekend (though without destroying the aspects of family life that I believe are important to me); and in the end I will persevere and keep my novel on pace and end it at the appropriate time.

Until next time my friends, be well.