The last several days have not been exactly pleasant and have proven to be somewhat problematic for my novel. Fortunately I had worked ahead previously and was in a good enough position that this lack of writing did not imperil my work. Today I learned something completely different in my quest for the completion of my first novel.

Do Not Forget To Have Fun

No matter how much we want to write, no matter our desires and the need that we have to get the story done there is still fun to be had. No matter what our life may throw our way there must be time for relaxation and pleasant experiences.

Today I was able to make some decent progress on my writing but this came interspersed with more episodes of problems but also a few moments where I was able to really enjoy myself. It is a lovely day here in Texas with very pleasant temperatures and a breeze that blew throughout the whole house making everything delightfully cool. The cats too enjoyed themselves and it was fun just to see them excited about birds and squirrels outside.

But tonight was even more enjoyable. Tonight we went out for sushi at a new place that we had been told about called Sushi Zushi. There we have a very long and leisurely dinner consisting of gyoza, two rolls, and some grilled skewers (plus gohan and miso). What made the entire evening pleasant though was the pace of the dinner. The gyoza was very late and so it arrived just after the two rolls arrived. During the entirety of our stay we were in their courtyard enjoying the evening and the wonderful weather.

Due to the lateness of the courses we took our time sipping sake and watching people pass time. This went for over an hour until finally the grilled skewers were to arrive only to discover that an error in the kitchen had resulted in our food being made incorrectly. They still served us but also offered us another roll in compensation. This was a strawberry kiwi roll that we would never have ordered on our own but was surprisingly tasty in a sweet and spicy fashion.

Finally our main course arrived and it too was delicious although, sadly, they had run out of quail eggs and had substituted a second skewer of chicken filled with other items that was simply wonderful. Unfortunately their online menu is not complete and thus I am unsure what the dish was called.

All of this was followed by a leisurely walk through the Domain which is a combination apartment complex an shopping mall.

Overall the entire experience was fun and relaxing. And that is the point of this post. No matter what you do and how much you work on your stories. Do not forget to take the time to relax, have fun, and please yourself. Be with your friends and loved ones. Enjoy life. And recharge yourself so that your next writing session will be all the greater.

Remember friends, Dont Forget the Fun.