Four days ago NaNo officially came to a close and people all over the world breathed a sigh of relief. (And I expect that thousands more groaned dreading the onslaught of horrible fiction that would soon descend upon them in the editing and publishing worlds.)

While I do not know the results for most people that participated in the event I can be pretty sure that there were plenty of people that finished (I know of six in my region that were over the 300K mark and dozens that reached the goal in the end), many that gave up part-way through the month and likely a number of cheaters as well. I say this last one only because I have met some of those that cheated their way to 50K in past years by employing tricks like copying song lyrics, quoting long passages from other works, and other tricks that really are just wrong for a contest of this nature against oneself.

Regardless if the individual cheated themselves to reach the total or not there are many that did reach the goal of 50K or more by the end of the month. I am, happily, one of them. But it was not an easy task.

Though I had not expected this last month to be a simple thing I entered this process believing that I had what it took to press pass all the demons and bad habits that have plagued my writing over the years. In this end this is true for I did succeed but it was quite painful. By the middle of November I reached a point where I simply could not see myself writing. Life came into the picture and demanded attention several days and on others I became distracted. Consequently several days would pass without anything being written.

I also found that I neglected this blog for the very reason that I am writing it. You my friends were the reason that I write this. Whether any of you read this or not I am here writing things so that they might be read. It is by knowing that there is someone out there who may take an interest in the words I put to this page and to my stories that keeps me moving even when the tale is something I can only tell myself.

During the course of these weeks I found myself in pits where I could not move and my story did not significantly change. This is not to say that I did not write at all but that I could not do so consistently. But I knew that you were out there, my friends and though I don’t know who most of you are I still appreciate that you are there.

Thank you for being with me my friends. It has been a pleasure to have you all join me on this journey.

But the journey is far from over. I did achieve my minimal goal and reached a total of 50,771, but I am far from the end of this story. I estimate that this is approximately 1/3 of the story. But that does not mean that the end result will be over 150,000 words. No, what this means is that I need to return and continue to write until I do reach the ending, whenever that may be. Once I have finished writing the story I will return to the beginning and will start to answer the questions and research notes that I have related to the story. The world must yet be built and fleshed out and then entire scenes and chapters rewritten so that the story is improved.

I have taken the last few days off from my writing as a bit of freedom from the hurried pace of the final days of NaNo (averaged 7K days lasting into the last night) but that is done. I am now ready to reenter my world and see where the story will take me.

I hope you all will continue to stay with me as I continue down this path. Soon I will return and discuss more about what I have learned from this experience and what else I plan to accomplish. I will also begin to delve into the nature and method of creating various aspects of the novel as well as the publication and editing process when the time finally comes.

Until then my friends I wish you all well and thank you once again.