Occasionally I try to get out and take a trip away from home for a day or the weekend. This weekend I traveled up to Milwaukee, Wisconsin which is a lovely city that I have enjoyed visiting before. It has great museums, good shows (saw Cirque Du Soleil’s Quidam about 5 months ago) and some nice attractions. However, this time I want to talk about a little breakfast place I found called Blue’s Eggs.

Blue’s is a breakfast and lunch spot located at 317 N 76th St in Milwaukee and surprisingly enough to me this was probably one of the very best breakfasts I have had in my entire life. Before this I would have said that Benedict’s Eggs and More in Downers Grove, Il had the best breakfast around but today Blue’s far surpassed my expectations.

Already the restaurant is known as the best in Milwaukee and therefore it peaks my interest. If it’s the best it needs to prove it to me after all. From the start the restaurant does not appear to be much. It’s in a strip mall with a bank and Buddhist center to either side but the parking lot is very packed as is the entry way as well. It’s always a good sign if a restaurant is busy and this one had a definite wait (I had to wait for 30 minutes and there was still a line after I left the restaurant about an hour and half later).

The staff is very friendly here and everyone seemed to have a smile despite the rushing about and though noisy it wasn’t the noisy levels that make dining an unpleasant experience. This was a pleasant buzz of conversation over good food.

Now for the food and drinks. Sitting down I found an actual kitchen towel used as the napkin (rather a cute idea really compared to the more fancy napkins), and water was presented in a bottled carafe for each table. The menu is simple and contains a limited number of breakfast and lunch items including several alcoholic beverages. I didn’t try one but the bloody marys appeared quite tasty.

One definite plus to this place was the inclusion of Richi loose leaf tea on the menu. Any place that provides loose leaf get a plus from me. But I settled for coffee today which was quite tasty and didn’t require excess sugar as is the case at too many places.

Looking over the menu I was actually unsure what to get as everything looked very good from simple biscuits and gravy, roasted mushroom omelets, smoked salmon crepes, and so many other items that it was a hard choice. I ended up with their classic eggs benedict.

While i was waiting for dinner the waiter brought over a dish of grapes, butter and jam. The grapes were a great way to pass the time waiting and a good appetizer though I didn’t get a chance to use the butter and jam sadly.

The eggs benedict took a while (about 30 minutes to arrive) but was absolutely fantastic. First it contains a home-made english muffin which was light, slightly sweet and very tasty; then it contained, not the usual canadian bacon or ham steak, but shredded ham from a roast that was just a bit salty but lovely to devour. The egg on top was quite nicely poached, and the sauce was also very well done. Honestly this was one of the best eggs benedict I have ever had.

For a side dish you get to choose one of several items ranging from steel-cut oatmeal, fruit, bacon, and several other items. I went with a buttermilk pancake and it too was delicious. Normally I don’t like buttermilk but this pancake was light, full of flavor and with the syrup on it was just sweet enough to make you pause momentarily as you ate.

Finally, the breakfast was done and I was sad to see it go but I as content and quite satisfied as I sat there finishing off my coffee. The only real issue I had is that I only got one refill on my coffee and would have liked a little more. But considering how busy the restaurant was I can understand the delay.

Overall I would suggest this restaurant to everyone. If you are ever in Milwaukee and need a great breakfast, seek out Blue’s Eggs and enjoy the food. The wait is well worth your time.

Till next time my friends, be well