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After some debate I may keep this site up a while longer. To do so I will be making some changes to this site and will hopefully make this site a little easier to read, a little brighter but still keep to my own sense of aesthetics.

Please stay around my friends and I hope you enjoy what you will read.



After giving it some thought I have decided to make some additional changes to both my life and my works. This includes a few changes that will affect this blog and my writings.

To give you an idea of what I am considering these days I am currently in the process of deciding what I will do with my life. As many of you know I am currently a tax auditor working for the government.  This has proven to be a pretty good job over the years since I graduated from college but unfortunately I am not happy and have not been for a long time. I have been wondering what is going on and decided that being an auditor just is not challenging for me and I cannot enjoy my daily repetitive work.

Consequently, I have been considering how to improve my life in order to make myself happy. The solution, very simply, is to quit the state and move on to another career. The options are either writing full time and thus becoming the published fantasy author that I have always wanted to be or to pursue a new career (I know, technically writing would count as a new career too, but in my view no matter what I do the novel writing will come along with that career choice).

The new career will be either as a teacher (english or mathematics), enter into financial investments, or go into a type of consulting practice that I have been getting training in for the last couple years.

Right now I believe that I am going to pursue an educational career.

This means that I will need to go back to school (I have absolutely no objections to this) and will either get a masters degree in literature, (or perhaps education), or mathematics. But before I do I am going to consult with a few people and try to gain some insight into what will be best for me before I proceed.

At this point I have plenty of time and know that I will not need to make the decision immediately but I want to make it soon so that I can determine where I am going to go as this will be a big turning point in my life.

Until that time, I will be doing a lot of research on how to proceed plus pursuing my stories even more.

I know I have not posted anything recently my friends but I am working on a few things and have done a good bit of world, character and plot building as I have progressed. Soon I hope to have something for you to read, something that will be a history for my characters and a taste of the world they live in.

Until I have completed my work I have decided to change this blog. My first change is to remove all my previous posts. I have saved these to my hard drive and will keep a backup of them.

If you wish to read one of my stories then simply send me a note and I can either repost it or give it to you directly to read.

  • Darkened Sands
  • Bears Heart
  • Arcedium
  • Dark and Stormy night

I will also be redesigning this blog as I have time and perhaps going with a slightly less dark feel.

Until I get things finished I ask that you bear with me my friends but I believe you will be happy with the results.

Until next time, be well