As days pass and I continue to work on my novel it seems that NaNo is continuing to present new lessons. Today it showed me the value in a new location.

Usually I write  in my office (although its far from complete since we moved) and never at a set time of day both of which I am realizing may not always be the best setting. Today though I was invited to a coffee shop for a writing session. In NaNo writers are generally divided into regions which allow those that live one another to offer support during the process in November. This time around I decided to take advantage of this and have joined the group here.

I learned that the group meets periodically at various locations in the area. Yesterday I learned that some members (in the immediate area rather than regional) frequent one of the local coffee shop. Today I decided to meet with some early this morning and while I arrived a bit late I found the experience to be enjoyable. Primarily for the fact that it actually worked and I managed to crank out approximately 2500 words in about 3 hours.

However, the fact of a new location is not what really made any difference in my writing. What I learned today is that if I am in a place and time where writing is the norm and that is what is expected of me (even if no one is going to check) then I write. Normally I have a dozen distractions vying for my attention. But if I am out where I expect that I will be writing then that is exactly what I will do and will make good progress during the time I spend there.

While this is not completely confirmed I know of additional sessions that are coming up where I can experiment and see if set times and places outside of the house will have similar results. I actually expect great things for myself.

Since today was a good day I know that currently my numbers are inline with what I need and wanted over all. Its not perfect of course but I am getting closer to my goals. Today I penned 4,077 words which brings me to a total of 16,093. Overall this means I am still double the standard NaNo count, just under my double NaNo by about 600 and 9000 below my previously stated goals.

As I said, this is not perfect but I am pleased with my current results and cant wait to see how well I do in the coming days.